Philosophy & Practice: Integral and Holistic

Blue Spine Musculature SketchDr. Fishman’s approach to health follows the basic premise of chiropractic philosophy. This philosophy asserts that proper function requires proper structure and that our structural state is dependent upon the management of the stresses to which we are subjected daily. These stresses can be physical, chemical, or emotional; e.g. a poorly designed work station, an unbalanced diet, a toxic work place, or a difficult personal relationship.

When these stresses are not counterbalanced appropriately, the body responds with increased muscular tension, joint fixation (subluxation), and other somatic as well as internal dysfunctions.

Vitruvian-Man_2506735bThe integral approach is one which explores all aspects of a persons life to create a full picture of why the patient has presented in our office seeking care. The holistic, or integrative, therapeutic approach engages a multiplicity of therapies, from chiropractic to nutrition to acupuncture to Western medicine. For those therapies outside the scope of our practice, Dr Fishman has a large network of referrals to which the patient may be sent when there is a need.

Upon completion of a detailed case history and physical examination, and a determination that chiropractic care is appropriate, Dr. Fishman will recommend a course of therapy. Treatment will focus on both the symptom with which the patient presents as well as the identification and correction of the underlying causes of those symptoms.

qigong-healing-spineTypically the patient will receive a combination of chiropractic adjustments to correct joint fixations which helps relieve irritation to the nervous system, physio therapeutic modalities to reduce muscle spasm and increase circulation, and rehabilitative exercises to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize the neuromuscular system. In addition, the patient might need instruction about proper lifting technique, dietary recommendations, or even a visit to their office to make sure that their work station is properly fitted.

Dr. Fishman is also a firm believer in the concept of wellness, or preventive health maintenance. Receiving regular chiropractic care, even in the absence of symptoms, helps to maintain proper neuromuscular tone, which prevents the buildup of structural tension and the development of dysfunction. Chiropractic, along with regular exercise, proper nutrition, rest, and relaxation, provides the foundation necessary for health, happiness, and longevity, for a life of wellness.

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